About Us

Welcome to True To Form Design, Inc.

We are an independently owned, in-house design and manufacturing firm providing South Florida, Asheville, NC and the East Coast with the highest caliber of custom furniture. In-house means that every facet of your furniture is created at our factory/showroom, from initial concept to the final coat of varnish. We use only the highest quality materials and the most exacting standards of craftsmanship to produce truly exceptional works of art.

The catalyst of this company centers around Jesse Michael Jozwiak. His collective experiences, education and tenacity lead him to develop True To Form Design, Inc. Growing up and working in the construction industry Jesse developed a strong appreciation and understanding for all the stages of development in building houses from design to execution. Both his parents were in the fine art and design industry respectively, and Jesse followed suit by putting himself through a 5 year BFA program with an emphasis in sculpture, drawing & design from CIA. The education proved invaluable applying his knowledge and talents towards all facets of furniture and cabinetry today. Every project starts with a drawing and that's where Jesse excels.

Furniture became a major part of his life from an early age building custom items to support himself during college. This caught the attention of a decorated local architect that employed him through-out and beyond his school years utilizing his hands-on construction and furniture skills. He continued his craft after settling in South Florida, eventually creating True To Form Design, Inc. where the original craftsman who teamed up in 2000 are still creating original works to this day under one roof. We are pleased and honored that you have expressed an interest in this high energy company that relies on the combined talents of its employees but more importantly 'You' - people who appreciate and get excited over the level of design, craftsmanship & detail we commit to every project.