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Sounds like you need our design services!

We want to learn about all the functional requirements you need to accomplish and the style you’re gravitating towards – if you’re not sure - we have the expertise to help you. It all starts with a visit to your home, in depth field measurements, and most importantly listening to you.

This is a failsafe designing method to insure this nominal fee delivers the perfect results as our design staff will continue to draw your project until we have your final approval.

The designing begins as soon as we enter your home, and if your schedule permits, we can start drawing right in front of you to allow an open communication and feedback process to blossom.

- You can expect selecting color & finish on-site from our elaborate sample pack
- Extensive Ipad portfolio review of previous works to aid in visualizing your own endeavor
- A professional assessment to implement the proper aesthetics for your new project in the existing environment
- A full consultation at our showroom – see our custom furniture firsthand, the fabrication facility and all our resources at your fingertips
- A set of real working blueprints produced with the precision of CAD drawings that can be emailed anywhere
- A 3D computer rendering exemplifying every detail to give a genuine sense of the design
- Accurate pricing based on the drawings, finishes, material selections and installation in its entirety

For those who strictly want design online

Need a drawing for a presentation or proposal?
Perhaps you’re curious what that special custom piece of furniture would look like in your home and need help visualizing it.

True To Form offers a drafting and design service geared for your specific needs.

During regular office hours with a simple conversation over the phone we can get the process started or you can start by filling out the following questionnaire.

We can communicate and deliver via EMAIL, FAX & FEDEX the renderings and CAD drawings.

What is the project?
Entertainment Center
Movie Theater
Blue Ridge

What does this furniture need to accomplish and what are your functional requirements?

Is this a built-in? 
We will need accurate dimensions of the area we are going to affect.
Ceiling Height: 

What is the shape of room if applicable?

Dimensions of primary wall(s):