How It Works


True To Form is a genuine design firm that specializes in furniture, cabinets and millwork. We will design, engineer, spec & price out your project while advising you throughout to ensure the right team of fabricators and installers execute in a timely manner. We take the mystery out of the process to oversee your individual project from start to finish.​

What We Do

Here's how it works. Ready? First: email us. Tell us about your project, give us all the tasty details, like styles you’re interested in, timeline, budget, how you learned about us and all your hopes and dreams.

We'll get back to you quicker than you think. We'll ask lots of questions about your project and you'll ask lots of questions about our process and we'll get to know each other.

1. The Creative: We figure out exactly what your vision is and if you don't exactly have one, we'll help you find it. Usually, we'll sit with you and review our catalog of similar projects we've completed. Find a starting point and work into the details. We'll get an initial idea of the space you're working with and begin the design process.

2. Production: Our talented and amazing designers will use the notes from our first meeting and build your future custom design in 3D modeling space. The result is shockingly accurate and very neat.

3. Review: You'll tweak our design, we'll modify the model, you'll approve and we'll begin drafting your project in AutoCad; the blueprint of the plan and elevation view, with every specific measurement needed for a manufacturer to build without the possibility of error.

4. Product: Gorgeous renderings printed out of your custom designed dream and the blueprints to make it real - all with the knowledge and understanding of cost analysis.

What happens next?

That is up to you. You didn't have us design something without the intent of it being built. So we can assist you in finding the right manufacturer, a task that seems like a scary challenge but to us is our native language. We'll help you get the best price from build to install. We work with multiple builders across South Florida and know who will be the right fit for you.

If you've got other plans for your designs, that's cool too. The most integral part of your project is the design.

Cost effective breakdown

Our assumption is you've either seen our work at a friend and neighbor's house or heard about True To Form through a stellar referral. You appreciate the attention to detail in both the design and build of our products. This was achieved with our due diligence executed through our design process in vivid detail. Naturally, there is a fee associated with our talent and expertise and we want to be as upfront as possible.

Here's an example of a typical kitchen project:

We meet at the house to be renovated or review architect's blueprints

Suggestions of wall modifications are discussed and sometimes introductions made of other necessary tradesman

Field measurements are taken and converted to computer drawings

We render 3D computer models in color for initial concepts and email them to you

Make modifications from further discussions

Then the actual engineered blueprints are made incorporating the proper appliances and fixtures (we can assist you with selections and sources)

Drawings are reviewed and we supply you with a price of the woodwork. We also send a drawing of the stone countertops to a fabricator to get you that pricing as well.

The average cost of this is $2000.00   Beyond that for $200.00 we assist in selecting the stone species with you at the local supply/fabricator's facility

The TTF advantage

You are armed with the best plans and have all the knowledge needed to build your project efficiently. If you decide to have your project executed through one of our in-house build teams we stay involved throughout the entire process till completion.
We oversee that the build reflects the vision on paper

Field all questions that may arise in the building process and function as a liaison

Ensure material quality - cabinet grade plywood, hardwoods, hardware & finish

Guide contractors for electrical, plumbing and wall placement

The coordinating fee for this on average is 800 - 1000.00.

Our philosophy is great design adds value before it adds cost.

Design Fee

Example of a typical kitchen project (condensed):
Meet at house to be renovated or review blueprints
Wall modifications are discussed and more…
Field measurements converted to CAD drawings
Present initial 3D concept renderings
Blueprints made incorporating proper appliance & fixtures
Drawing review & pricing + countertop drawings sent to fabricator
The average cost of this is $2000.00