Technical Drawings

Technical Drawings

There isn't a better feeling than having all of your ducks in a row. We take a microscope to that point of view and make sure the ducks aren't just in a row, but perfectly lined up to the 1/16th inch. Exact.

We want you to rest easy knowing the space in use is being engineered to its full potential, giving you the built in aesthetic that makes you feel complete.

Our technical drawings are integral to your design, not only for builders, but for peace of mind.

After we've had our chat about your style, here's what you get:

A 3D render (see example image) in multiple views and angles. This is your first draft. There will most likely be changes, unless we hit a hole in one.. hey! it happens. You'll end up with a final version that you'll secretly want to print out and frame.

What's so technical about a 3D render?! A lot, but we see your point. Lets get real technical and build you a blue print in Autocad software. This is what builders understand. There is zero room for error when you've got plans like these. You will get a plan view (this view is almost like an aerial view, but for your custom furniture) and an elevation view (like you're standing in front of your custom furiture). Each view has precise measurements covering hights, depths, widths, and lengths of each individual aspect of your custom piece.

So there you have it.. you're bulletproof!